Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trash Day

Jessie and I have been slowly cleaning up our new house, filling up bags and bags of discarded clothing, hygiene products, papers, and random refuse from every room, and using the front bedroom/study as a staging area and temporary landfill. By the time we finished bagging up most of the garbage, the living room was almost full.

Bright and early this morning Peter came by to spend some quality time with his pseudo son-in-law (me), and to gift us with a brand new extension ladder so I can finally clean out our gutters. Peter brought the big pick-up truck and we spent an easy half hour filling up the truck with decades of used carpeting and we each drove out to the bumps to drop it off. I was supposed to just head back home after this, but instead we decided to scrap our original plans and work a bit longer.

What was supposed to be a single and quick run to the dumps ended up with us completely cleaning out the house with three truckloads of garbage and over five hours of work. Of course we also had to stop at Honey’s for some delicious diner food, and since we were passing Double R Farms we had to pick up a bucket of fresh strawberries before they went out of season.

Now the house is clean enough for Sara Lachenman of Four Over One Design to take photos of the current condition of the house in order to complete our Historic Tax Credit Application. (Sarah has been a fount of knowledge on design and the tax credit process. Look for future blog posts on this topic). Once the state preservation board accepts our application, we can start demolition and the updates to the blog will start coming much more frequently.

And a huge thank you again to Peter for spending his day helping to clean out our house, we really couldn’t have done it without you.