Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweating is Good For You, Right?

 A few things that happen when it's as hot as it has been in North Carolina this past week and you also happen to be doing demolition:
  1. If you're wearing a dusk mask, within twenty minutes the paper gets so clogged with humidity that you can't actually breathe through it anymore.
  2. You hit a point where your internal air conditioning sort of kicks in, and you stop feeling so hot, though your body continues to produce massive amounts of sweat
  3. You start to get a little slap happy after a while, which can be dangerous for dealing with power tools or gauging your own level of exhaustion!

Here are some video highlights of our few hours of working today. We needed to get started on pulling up the basement floor so we could see how far it is from the dirt (turns out: really freaking close!), how much of the framing needs to be rebuilt (thus far unclear), and how many piers need to be added below and where.

We were so fortunate to be joined by Craig, our good friend and neighbor, and Matt's grad school friend Greg, who stopped by to see the progress and ended up throwing on some gloves and working his ass off taking down lumber and hauling heavy loads up the stairs and into the dumpster. Dylan and Alston stopped by, too, to cheer us on.

We stopped after just a few hours so we wouldn't die. Back to it tomorrow! Gotta get that floor up so we can get a structural engineer in and move forward with foundation work and carpentry. We got one great bid on electric and are waiting for a second, but things should really get rolling soon! Can't wait.

**A note: I realized belatedly that Flickr only allows 1:30 minute videos, so I removed that set. In the meantime you can find all the construction videos here, on my Youtube account.


  1. i love the clips of me standing around watching matt actually work and the clip of me failing to get the floor board up. couldn't you have filmed me cutting down all the gas pipes? jeez. also i was pretty useless that day but i still got free tacos! call me one day that it's not a million degrees.

  2. Hee hee... you're right, the video is unfairly unrepresentative of your contributions that day. You kicked ass on that metal, and we made a good team with the crowbars!