Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year, Middle House

Though we've fallen off from blogging, progress has been slow and steady over at the middle house. We've recently added some video and photo updates to youtube and flickr, with more video to come from December and early January.

Next on the punch list:
  • Finish interior painting and move to exterior (need to choose colors!)
  • Install kitchen (once a little more painting is done)
  • Little more interior carpentry (thresholds, glass for the front door and sidelight)
  • Fix up the lighting fixtures Jessie bought at the Habitat Restore (a little paint, a little love)
  • Get subs back in to finish: electric, plumbing, HVAC...
(This list is actually much longer than it looks, as each bullet entails a number of sub-bullets.)

Anyway, enjoy the videos page as well as new Flickr photos, and feel free to chime in about exterior color ideas!

Jessie & Matt

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